Digital Surrey Return to Deliberate Cyber Security

Digital Surrey, a local informal business community that holds quarterly networking events, returned this month under the new management of Hyped Marketingand ProDrive IT. After over a year without an event being held, it was superb to see a turnout of like-minded individuals come together to increase their knowledge of cyber security and network. The [...]

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Facebook cyber security failure engenders account sales on the dark web

It has been evident throughout 2018 that Facebook have been facing mounting criticism, take for example the Cambridge Analytica file scandal or most recently,  OFCOM’s Sharon White’s push for stricter social media regulations. A discovery by Facebook engineers on the 25thof September has accentuated the issues facing the multi-million pound company as it became apparent that [...]

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Procter & Gamble calls on big digital marketing players

After previously implementing a gradual $200m cut to their digital ad budget in 2017, Procter & Gamble (P&G) held true to their statement of further depletion of budgets and earlier this year axed their agency roster by a further 50%. With a significant decrease to their budget, this month P&G stepped forward to call on [...]

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OFCOM attempt to impose social media regulations

With the ever-growing digital world making resources such as social media indispensable to businesses and the general public alike, it is to no surprise that Ofcom has called for stricter regulations to be put in place to keep users safe. Following on from her campaign earlier this summer for Facebook and Google to be subject [...]

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Lego rolls out storytelling skill on Alexa

Lego has created a skill for Amazon Alexa that consists of 10 stories kids can listen to and interact with while playing with the brand’s brick toys. The skill was created specifically for Lego Duplo, the brand’s line of toddler-friendly bricks that are twice the size of its standard ones. Using any Alexa device, such as Amazon Echo [...]

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Twitter ‘bug’ leads to all 330m members being asked to change passwords

Twitter is asking all 330 million of its members to change their passwords after a ‘bug’ saw login details stored as readable text on an internal computer system rather than being properly encrypted. The lapse is understood to have affected a ‘substantial’ number of users, leaving their logins unprotected for ‘several months’ before the company [...]

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Tips on being GDPR compliant

Tip 1 Get all of your marketing contacts into one database that can only be accessed by the people in your organisation that need access to it. Stick a password on that database. Tip 2 Make sure that the 'opt in' to marketing communications on your website is [...]

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