Understanding the Latest Cyber Essentials Requirements

On the 9th of June, we hosted a webinar with Pro Drive IT and Hyped Marketing about the cyber security implications of hybrid working and why ALL businesses should be signing up to the Cyber Essentials scheme. We were also joined by Dr Emma Philpott MBE, CEO of the government’s NCSC Cyber Essentials partner [...]

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OFCOM attempt to impose social media regulations

With the ever-growing digital world making resources such as social media indispensable to businesses and the general public alike, it is to no surprise that Ofcom has called for stricter regulations to be put in place to keep users safe. Following on from her campaign earlier this summer for Facebook and Google to be subject [...]

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Lego rolls out storytelling skill on Alexa

Lego has created a skill for Amazon Alexa that consists of 10 stories kids can listen to and interact with while playing with the brand’s brick toys. The skill was created specifically for Lego Duplo, the brand’s line of toddler-friendly bricks that are twice the size of its standard ones. Using any Alexa device, such as Amazon Echo [...]

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Twitter ‘bug’ leads to all 330m members being asked to change passwords

Twitter is asking all 330 million of its members to change their passwords after a ‘bug’ saw login details stored as readable text on an internal computer system rather than being properly encrypted. The lapse is understood to have affected a ‘substantial’ number of users, leaving their logins unprotected for ‘several months’ before the company [...]

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