//Digital Surrey Return to Deliberate Cyber Security

Digital Surrey Return to Deliberate Cyber Security

Digital Surrey, a local informal business community that holds quarterly networking events, returned this month under the new management of Hyped Marketingand ProDrive IT. After over a year without an event being held, it was superb to see a turnout of like-minded individuals come together to increase their knowledge of cyber security and network.

The Exigent Need for Cyber Security

At Digital Surrey’s latest event, attendees had the pleasure of listening to Mark Selby discuss the effects of behavioural economics on cyber security. The event flowed with an interesting opening speech from Bruce Penson, Managing Director of ProDrive IT and an informative closing talk by Jamie Barlow, Managing Director of Hyped Marketing. Those attending also had the opportunity to network over beers and snacks whilst discussing the topic of the night.

Selby, Visiting Professor of the University of Surrey and previous Vice President of Industry Collaborations at Nokia used a ‘locked door’ analogy to outline how many users interact with security. Using the example of buying the most secure front door to represent acts such as purchasing cyber security software and the windows of a house representing the user interactivity with the security. He progressed to highlight that even though the best front door has been purchased, it does not fulfil its purpose if the windows are left open. This example was presented to explain that the mere implementation of systems does not sustain the security of your data; keeping information secure requires personal consciousness of on and offline actions.

Behavioural Aspects of Cyber Security

A key focus throughout the event was the impact of behavioural aspects on the quality of security. It is underappreciated how human activity can increase safety online, this is partially due to the lack of awareness and knowledge around the subject. As technology develops coincidingly improving connectivity, it becomes complex to keep track of how and where your data being used. Selby highlighted multiple examples of this during the talk, such as connective car programming that can allow the sharing of your data. It was extremely insightful to view cyber security from this aspect and fantastic to see the audience engaging in interesting discussions with our key note speaker.

A thank you is in order for Jamie Barlow, Bruce Penson and their respective teams for organising the event and bringing Digital Surrey back to life. Further, thank you to Mark Selby for an engaging, informative talk and to all the attendees for coming to support Digital Surrey and join us in increasing our knowledge on an important, relevant topic.

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