//Closing the Loop of UX and UI Design

Closing the Loop of UX and UI Design

This February, Digital Surrey hosted a fantastic event where we were joined by speaker, Shanna Watson.

Shanna holds a wealth of expertise across the marketing, IT, telecommunications, hospitality and retail industries – specialising in User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design. She is both technically and artistically capable and has vast experience developing responsive layouts and mobile app prototypes. Further to this, Shanna is rehearsed in Agile site development, information architecture, wireframing, prototyping and design. Our speaker also has a history of enhancing brands, their online presence and customer engagement for many organisations such as Motorola Solutions, NHS and many SMEs.

More recently, Shanna has worked with Game, Microsoft, Protect Your Bubble and Assurant –improving their conversion rates and sales performance, as well as solving complex problems by implementing tailored solutions for online strategies to reduce pain points for the users or business.

It was fantastic to see so much engagement from the audience as Shanna discussed how to sculpt digital strategy with a business blue print; looking at CRM systems, social media and more. With such a vast amount of information shared, we have created a short summary of Shanna’s presentation.

Crafting Experiences Through Data

A key point highlighted by Shanna throughout, was the importance of utilising data to craft user experience. Measuring how people engage with a product or platform will provide significant guidance on how to develop the user experience and user interface. However, understanding the difference between good and bad engagementis essential to see the best results.

Using technologies that harness value and give a business insight to your statistical data will also provide rationale for new, innovative ideas. It is imperative to monitor the data as well, to see how trends affect user experience (user testing and session recordings are a superb way to discover, prototype, test and improve your current user experience).

Repeated throughout her presentation, Shanna emphasised that listening to customers was essential to make any improvement. Touching on updates done by major technology companies such as Apple, she outlined how occasionally businesses make changes that they thinkconsumers would like instead of what they actually want. Therefore, putting processes in place to collate feedback will help drive strategic change that will support user experience.

Starting at the basics is also a superb way to improve user experience. For instance, improving the search ability for customers will allow them to quickly find what they are looking for.

Unique Users

Personalisation held a prominent place within Shanna’s presentation. She explained that for UX designers, often the most difficult part is where to start – which is often hindered by perspective. Clear communication and understanding the business model is key to obtaining the right information from the client and once this is collated, looking at how the user will interact is then the next step.

Fresh ideas balanced with the needs of the user allow the creation of an experience that satisfies the needs of unique users and which allows a business to remain competitive. A seamless journey to user goal is important for UX designers to remember, as customers will always try to take shortcuts. The creation of the path of least resistance should, therefore, take priority to help save the customer time and money!

Stay tuned for Digital Surrey’s next event…

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